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SWU Day #01

Suddenly Brazil has become a huge attractor of events. I’ve lost the count of how many gigs were and will be here in this second semester. I have to start talking about these festivals by the biggest one, Stars With You (SWU), which had the motto appealing for a sustainable world, trying to engage the youth to focus on an eco-friendly environment.

The line up of the first day had people like Rage Against the Machine, The Mars Volta, Infectious Grooves, Los Hermanos, Os Mutantes, Macaco Bong and The Black Drawing Chalks.

It seemed a good idea at first, but after a day in the event, personally, I think it was far from ideal. First the event was far from any town, that’s OK, but not when everything inside the event costs a fortune and lacks on security and hygiene. So many stories of people being stolen during the event, that already makes this a bad day. The concerts only had like 45 minutes, and the quality of the PAs made it even worse.

I was hoping to see a full concert by The Mars Volta, but they only played 5 songs (and made a mistake while opening the first song, “Goliath” – the band got confused at which compass they should enter in the first verse, but for non-musicians, that wasn’t notable), and between the songs, they improvised a lot, sometimes good, sometimes not that pleasant.

The Rage Against the Machine was there to make a gran finale, but frankly, was quite disappointed with it. Not about the sound quality of the LA fourtet (which sounded great), but by three major problems. 1) At the start, the band incited people to brake the barrier, and along with that, people started the pits around the public, which led people to get hurt and suffocated by the huge amount of people in the place (people from the back didn’t even noticed what happened). 2) The PAs stop working in the 3rd song (lack of structure). 3) RATM was supporting the Brazilian movement MST. That was the biggest mistake in my opinion. Supporting a group that makes invasions in farms, destroy everything and is leaded by corrupted politicians doesn’t deserve any kind of attention.

I still didn’t mention the overpriced tickets (which led me just to buy for one day – and was enough). I know I missed Cavalera Conspiracy, Dave Matthews Band, Queens of Stone Age and Incubus, but with that lack of structure, I wouldn’t last any longer.

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This article was written on 15 Oct 2010, and is filled under Concerts.

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